Intp dating infp

She would have breakdowns over things she couldn't express, and naturally I wanted to solve the problem, or at least understand it. Send a private message to Nik. In addition to similarities in intellection and communication, NPs often exhibit similar lifestyle preferences. One of her passions is animals and she does not want to hear about anything that involves animals being hurt. That is my new job title. Send a private message to stanprollyright.

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I'm just belatedly taking stock of the thread's origin while once again demonstrating that self-regard usually precedes tact with me me me me me were you aware that I live in my head me.

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Originally Posted by Cyclops I could have sworn you were NeFi, [your first post reminded me of pandapanda, an old poster here who is ENFp, who may want to check her out if you are bored or interested or something ], your style of reasoning did seem atypical of INTp's esp in your first post, and by that I mean reasoning of NiTe ego. In early development, infants make no distinction between themselves, their parents, or the perceptible world at large. Originally Posted by k0rps3y Having recently gone through the mating dance with an awesome INFp, I am going to answer your questions by, yes, engaging in outright projection. Of course this assumes I don't get frustrated or bored in the process and find something more fun to do, like turning aside at step 3 to assemble a few interesting parts into a decidedly non-vehicular device or objet d'art. Originally Posted by Admin Self-preoccupation and unconscious deficit in self-esteem are not necessarily connected with any particular type.

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intp dating infp
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intp dating infp
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