Persona 3 dating rules

Soon after settling into your new dormitory, you are discovered to have " the potential ": If you hit the elemental weakness of an enemy, you knock it down and are immediately awarded an additional action. Their presence would normally lead one to assume they're all in the same continuity, but a number of differences has lead to no little confusion among the fanbase as to whether 3 and its successors are in the same continuity as the first two games, set in an Alternate Continuityor represent a Continuity Reboot. Two examples of this trope are used for Fuuka's Ultimate Persona, Juno, who is based off of the Roman equivalent of Hera, and Akihiko's Ultimate Persona Caesar he doesn't reference any Caesar in particular, but the motif seems to pick up from Julius Caesar. And the arc words for the entire Persona series:

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He also appears to be wearing a groin protector, as modern boxers do.

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Persona 3 FES - Dating multiple girls

A few scenes later, you will find yourself and Yukari trapped in the top floor. This is rectified shortly thereafter, though. Anyone who played the original P3 or FES would realize that he only shows up for a month and thus would want to take the opportunity to spend time with him whenever possiblebut woe unto someone who thinks that, oh, they have plenty of time. You can date whoever you want and there's no jealousy. Then during October 4, Ken claims himself to be the Mission Controland he would have been shot by Takaya if not for Shinjiro's sacrifice.

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persona 3 dating rules
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persona 3 dating rules
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  1. She's perfect. When a chick looks like she could benchpress more than I do, that starts becoming a turn-off. She's just fine.